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we`ve beed changing urban space since 2000


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Culture / acoustics

Scene and acoustics

experts support and advice
Specialist design knowledge within the group includes specyfic acoustic
buildings (theaters, operas, cinemtas, recording studios, radio & TV
studios), as well as scene light & mechanics know how
refurbishment programmes, conservation and retail and urban design projects.

Radio & TV headquarters RMF FM

Headquarters of RMF FM – a radio and tv studios and station on Alwernia. The biggest set of concrete domes wolrdwide.

Nominated to Mies van der Rohe awards (1st polish nomintaion ever).

Best concrete building award.
In cooperation with Yuma Inwest, gen. designers: St. Podkanski, St. Burmistrz, NS Moonstudio

National Opera superstucture

first ever superstructure of biggest world theatre and opera in Warsaw. A monument by Antonio Corazzi.
Works under way now…

Bytom - Opera Śląska

General rebuild of whole building including specyfic expetrs knowledge of theatre technology, acoustics, scene lighting

Art Center in Tarnowskie Góry

general rebuild and superstructure with respect to local details

Warsaw - music center

musice center including music schood – building under construction

Other buildings

Our other main designs including acoustics and theathres technologies:
– theatre in Zabrze
– dance theatre in Bytom
– culture center in Lancut